Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Air Freshener Cupcakes

I am the original creator of air freshener cupcakes and offer a large range of cupcakes and fragrance's.
You get to choose what fragrance you would like on purchase of the cupcake.
New style of Air Freshener Cupcakes. These cupcakes will last for a long long time. Not only do they make your room smell great they look fab. No need for those ugly plastic air fresheners. This air freshener can be re-used over and over again (just think of all the money you could save). I will enclose instructions on how to re fragrance the cupcake.
Perfect for any room in the house even the toilet Mini ones are perfect for this.

You can choose the fragrance from either gardenia, cottage rose, pink sugar, tea rose, lavender mudcake, cupcake, jasmine or vanilla.

All prices are in Australian dollars, please email me to order or check on postage prices. I only charge what Australia post charges me. Gift wrapping is $2 extra.
I accept payment by paypal and paymate for international buyers. Australian buyers can pay by paypal, paymate, money orders or direct deposit. Pickup is welcome for local buyers. My email address is beksshabbydreams@hotmail.com

Muffin ~ Painted bases

Standard ~ Cases

Cupcakes in cases are $14 each. Please email me to see what colours are available or if you have a specific colour in mind I am happy to order in that colour if I do not have any in stock.

Standard ~ Painted bases

Cupcakes are $14 each.

Bases are available in Pink, green, purple, white, blue and chocolate. If you would like the base another colour that is not listed here please email me and I will be happy to custom it for you.

Mini ~ Cases

Mini cupcakes in cases are $10 plus postage

Mini ~ painted bases